The Random Fuck Assignment

Maestro loves giving me assignments, but it has been several months since the last one. He says I’m not fucking enough. Okay, I’ll admit that my attention to that activity has been redirected to the BDSM lifestyle, in which as a Mistress in training I don’t fuck potential subs. Maestro is concerned that I won’t accomplish my Yearlong Fuck Assignment though, and so am I actually. So, He has taken the initiative and set up a random fuck assignment for me. I am to meet an unknown someone at a motel and fuck him, no conversation, nothing but sex and as soon as he cums I am to dress and leave. Like a whore, but no money involved.

Maestro sends me the hotel, room number and the time to arrive. I follow His instructions and knock on the hotel room door. And average looking guy answers and lets me in. No words are spoken. We smile at each other and I begin seducing him; kissing him passionately, running my hands over his body and eventually to his crotch to find his hard cock waiting. He is enjoying this immensely, a wide smile on his face. I undress as he watches approvingly, reaching to grabs my breasts and feel my wet pussy. He motions me to sit down so I can suck his hard cock, which I eagerly do. He moves me to the bed, applies a condom and begins fucking me, changing positions several times, pulling my hair while he takes me from behind. He tries to enter my ass but I say “No”, knowing that Maestro would not approve of that. Back on top he indicates that he wants me to choke him for some breath play. I’ve never done this before but I wrap my hands around his throat and squeeze briefly a couple of times. He also does this to me but I’m not real comfortable with it, so he stops. He likes it rough because he indicates that he wants me to grab handfuls of his flesh and squeeze as he’s fucking me, so I oblige him. Off of me now he removes his condom and has me move to the edge of the bed to deep throat him, I do. He has me rim him also, apparently he likes ass play. He starts masturbating over my face as he positions himself for me to stick my finger in his ass, I do. He says “Deeper” so I do, and soon he is cumming on my face. When he is finished, I get up from the bed and go to the sink to clean myself up. He bring me my bra and panties, sniffing the crotch of my panties before he hands them to me with a smile. I dress and kiss him one last time as I leave him with a smile on his face.

Maestro is pleased. That was fun!

This is worth 1 fuck, for a total of 72.


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