Maestro +3

You wouldn’t think it would be so hard to find another slut to join us, but it certainly is. Maestro had found a potential girl and I had been wooing her, but at the last minute she flaked out on us. Maestro is now extra horny; it has been three weeks since we have been together and he has been fantasizing about fucking this other girl for days now. He had even planned some additional entertainment for us girls. Now I get all of this to myself, lucky me.

As soon as I arrive we are passionately kissing, feeling, undressing each other. He can’t wait to fuck me He is so anxious. We are entangled enjoying each other when the knock on the door makes Him separate from me. It’s Big Dick, no good for fucking but Maestro loves watching me suck him off and swallow his cum. So I do, and he leaves. Two more arrive shortly after that, the pet and Beard guy. Beard guy is a great fuck, Maestro loves watching him pound me; I love him pounding me also. I get pounded, then Maestro has me suck him hard again before he leaves. The pet loves fucking my tight pussy and usually can’t hold out for very long. Maestro loves denying his orgasm, demanding he doesn’t cum when he’s inside me, he must pull out first. Maestro takes turns fucking me with the pet, Maestro’s cock is so very hard He’s so horny. He fucks me from behind while the pet is under me licking my pussy, lapping up the cum flowing out of me from Maestro’s multiple climaxes. And Maestro is still rock hard, I love it. The pet fucks me one last time, Maestro allowing him to cum, twice. The pet is dismissed while we tangle and embrace and fuck. Maestro has me ride His incredibly hard cock, until He finishes with and enormously explosive climax, I can feel His cock throbbing and pulsing in me for a long time. My pussy is dripping with His cum and will smell like Him for days. We really missed each other, three weeks is too long to be apart.

The following weekend I attend three days at DomCon in L.A. Attending workshops, shopping the vendors for all the wonderful toys, play parties at Sanctuary, meeting with friends, and my new chastity device wearer attended one day.

Friday night at Sanctuary I played with friends, tag teaming the woman, experiencing her legendary squirting. She is known by the dungeon staff, who insisted that she use ‘piddle pads’ underneath her. On Saturday the sub I am Keyholder for arrived, wearing his favorite collar. He had annoyed me somewhat with multiple text messages, so I applied some subtle humiliation by using my little girl dog leash on him instead of the nice chrome chain; pink and blue nylon strap. He made a very nice mule while I shopped the vendors. He is also very knowledgeable and was able to offer advice on purchases. Later that evening the woman friend from the night before and I tag teamed him in my room. He had brought me some spanking paddles that he made, so I tried them out on him, they were very effective. I also got to try out my new violet wand on him, lots of fun! It was a great weekend.

These adventures are worth 4 fucks, for a total of 71. I am falling behind.


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