Massage Boy

Maestro likes to send me out on assignments, usually they involve fucking. Some months ago He had instructed me to arrive at this destination and allow the man to do what he wanted. It was a pleasant service, a sensual massage from a good looking young man and a very sweet fucking. I dubbed him Massage Boy after that.

Massage Boy has been invited to join us in the hotel room on occasion. On one occasion he left his number on my car. Maestro was displeased with this, but I now had a way to contact Massage Boy if I wanted to. I respect Maestro’s will to control though, so I only contact Massage Boy if Maestro instructs me to.

Maestro was in a generous mood and decided to have me serviced by Massage Boy, lucky me. I headed out to meet with him but traffic was especially bad so I was ½ hour late arriving. Stressed from the drive I was really looking forward to the massage. Knocking on the door of his flat, he answers and ushers me inside, pleased to see me even if late. He helps me out of my sun dress and has me lay on the massage table while he turns on some music. Soon I am relaxing under the strength and pressure of his hands kneading my muscles and running down my body.

Rolling over he starts working on the front of my body. Soon he is gently massaging my breasts, working his way down further, running his hands along my inner thighs, teasing. I can feel the hardness of his cock in his sweat pants as he presses against my arm, he is eager for me as well. We move to the mattress on the floor, he is naked now. He is licking my pussy, I am sucking his cock, we are feeling each others bodies, sensually working each other into a passionate frenzy. Unable to resist any longer he puts on his condom and enters me, both of us gasping with pleasure. I tell him not to cum, he must make this pleasure last, he replies ‘ yes Domina’. He fucks me in the sweet way that he does, hair dangling in his face. Soon he has to slow, ‘you’re so tight Domina’ he says. His cock feels good inside me, we rock and fuck for a good long time until he just can’t hold out any longer and cums hard. Another sweet fuck from Massage Boy.

This is worth 1 fuck, plus 1 for being with Maestro last week, total of 67 for the year.


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