Several Knocks on the Door

I haven’t been a good slut for my Maestro lately. I actually haven’t fucked anyone since we were together last. I had good reasons; having the house re-roofed has left me exhausted every night, oh, and there was the concussion that put me out of commission for quite some time. I’m still recovering from that, slowly. Head trauma brought my escapades to a screeching halt.

But He is anxious to take me, I am craving to be taken by Him. I am in desperate need of being in His arms, feeling His warmth, His sensually passionate kisses, His control. He arranges time for us to meet Tuesday afternoon. He hasn’t given me much indication as to what to expect; the beast seems to be at bay, I’m not to bring the toy bag or dress in my Domme attire. Hmmm…He has me guessing, I like this.

I arrive a little early, Spring Break has allowed for light traffic. I sit in my car waiting for Him to summon me with the room number; same one as last time. Making my way to Him, anticipating His touch, knocking on the door He lets me in. Immediately I am engulfed in His arms, kissing His soft warm lips. Oh, I live for this. I set my bag on the table, He is frustrated with the buttons on my sundress, I work the buttons as He removes my bra, no panties to deal with. Dress and bra fall to the floor, He is ravaging my neck, squeezing my breasts, hard, biting me, hard, I melt into Him, this is what I have needed.

He orders me to lie on the bed. Did He tell me there will be knocks on the door? I think so. He quickly hypnotizes me, and soon there is a knock on the door. Telling me to spread my legs He goes to answer the door. Someone new this time, I have not seen this one before. Maestro tests this new one by ordering him to suck Maestro’s cock, he does so willingly and eagerly. Another knock on the door, another new one. Maestro is directing them, the newest decides he can’t handle this scene and leaves. I’m losing track of how many now, so many knocks on the door. The first has been told to work on my pussy, others are joining, some new, some recognized. Maestro lays down next to me, we are kissing each other while one suck His cock and another licks my pussy. He is telling me I need to be His slut, I need to fuck, and I will make each of these men cum. He has the first one don a condom and mount me, this one finishes quickly. The next is big cock beard guy, an awesome fuck, usually pretty long winded but today he can’t last very long in my tight pussy. Maybe because I was taunting him, asking him if he liked that tight pussy, telling him that it belonged to Maestro, nothing but the best pussy for my Maestro, and that he needed to that Maestro for allowing him to fuck me. That’s about all big cock beard guy could handle and he’s cumming hard after pounding me into the mattress.

Next is massage boy, a very sweet, young fuck. He likes to be very attentive, Maestro just wants him to fuck though. I don’t even let him kiss me, I know it would anger Maestro. So massage boy fucks me in the sweet sensual way he is so good at, lasts maybe a little longer than beard guy. Now he is sent away, along with the first new guy since he can’t get hard. The last one left is the pet, a regular. He loves fucking my tight pussy and usually can’t last very long, so Maestro likes to agonize him with denial. He is also very good with oral on Maestro and myself, and has Maestro almost cumming in his mouth, but Maestro wants to save all of His cum for me. The pet is told to fuck me so he dons a condom and claims on, but I order him not to cum. He can only handle a couple of strokes in me and has to stop he is so ready to cum in my tight pussy that he loves. I tease the pet by sucking his cock, he is so very hard and ready to cum, I can feel his balls and cock tighten getting ready to cum, then I stop, refusing to let him. Maestro has him suck His cock for a while, but is soon ready to unload His cum into me, so we must finish with the pet. I tell the pet to fuck me, he finishes quickly but is so aroused that he quickly goes again, still finishing quickly. He dresses and leaves as Maestro and I focus on each other entirely.

Now we are alone together, no more knocks on the door, all the male toys have left. Maestro takes me hungrily, fucking me, cumming many times until I am a dripping mess. Finally satiated we lay together basking in the afterglow. Soon He has to leave.

This is worth 5 fucks, total of 65 for the year.


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