No Knock on the Door

He’s craving me, I’m needing Him. I’m busy all next week so He makes plans for a quickie; no dress up, no toy bag. Just get there. He really only has an hour this time. I do give Him a little something to appreciate, a sundress with no panties; He likes that.

Letting the sundress drop to the floor He takes me, grabbing my hair, pulling my head back, biting my neck, orders me to the bed. Kissing, caressing, my hand working His cock, He tells me to suck it, which I gladly do. It swells to fill my mouth, He is indeed craving me greatly. Positioning Himself between my legs He’s angry that I’m not wet, spanking my naughty pussy, biting my nipples – that works, now I’m wet. Entering me, fucking me, thrusting, I can’t get enough of His cock, I want Him to fuck me all day long.

He tells me He’s going to take me around the world today, so He pulls out of my pussy and drives His hard cock into my ass, a first for me, He cums in my ass. Far from finished though. He orders me to get clean Him, I retrieve a warmed washcloth and do so, then suck Him hard again. Wanting more control He hypnotizes me, then fucks me more, cumming several times. For His final climax He cums in my mouth.

And all this time it was only He and me, no knock on the door announcing the arrival of toys and pets. Quite nice.

This is worth 1 fuck, total of 60 for the year.


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