The Dungeon Party

Saturday night was the monthly dungeon play party. There were going to be some friends and acquaintances there, the other Dom was going to be there, and in particular someone that wanted me to play with them. He had messaged me on Fet, requesting that I hurt his testicles in public play. This was an extremely tempting offer, but I wasn’t sure that I was ready for a public scene in this venue. I let him know that I didn’t think that I wanted to play that night, he was going to show up anyway. So I prepared a brief scene for him.

I was actually reminded of this toy by the other Dom last time I was with Him; the electric dog collar. Marvelous idea! I had also recently purchased some impact toys that would do nicely for delivering pain to his testicles. I was going to bind his cock and balls, strap the dog collar around them, deliver some impact play and hand squeeze the testicles for pain. The toy bag was packed with the appropriate toys for the evening. Planning my wardrobe, I wanted to look the Mistress part. Black pleather skirt, black corset, black lace bolero for under the corset, black lace up over the knee boots, black fishnet stockings, black satin fingerless gloves and finally, my collar.

Arriving at the Dungeon early, I found an easily accessible corner for my toy bag and hung up my coat. Surveying the dungeon I walked around the various rooms and checked out the scene areas. Still very unsure whether I was going to play or not, I decided that the medical room might be appropriate for my scene, if it happened. Finding a seat in a corner against the wall, I sat and watched the kinksters arrive.

The potential bottom arrived and introduced himself, we chatted a bit. I told him I had something special planned for him, involving electrical; he didn’t look very thrilled. Other friends arrived, we exchanged hugs and pleasantries. Eventually the other Dom arrived, I was glad to see Him. I introduced Him to my friends while the bottom hung in the background. Explaining to the Dom that there was someone who wanted me to play with them tonight He asked me if it the guy staring at me, I said yes. He drew an evil grin on His face.

People were starting to play, so I wandered around watching various scenes. Most were warming up for impact play, one was putting a complete head mask on His submissive, laced in the back. This was interesting. Then, something caught my eye that made me pay attention. A tall good looking blond woman dressed in a lacy body suit, under bust corset and black heels was leading around on a leash a big sissy man wearing a big black collar, leather arm and wrist restraint cuffs, a black under bust corset, fishnet stockings and black heels. I loved this! Making a mental note that I needed to watch their scene I watched Her lead him through the dungeon.

The other Dom and another friend kept encouraging me to play with the bottom. Hesitantly I was considering it. The medical room was occupied by the Domme and her sissy so I would have to wait until they were finished, which meant I could watch their scene. She was using a crop on his nipples, inner thighs and balls while he stroked himself, moaning with pleasure and an occasional gasp in response to the crop landing just right. When She started fingering his ass he was practically in ecstasy. I wandered off to check out other scenes and pretty soon the bottom came to tell me the sissy had cum. This meant the medical room was available. The other Dom is needling me, the bottom is looking at me anxiously, so I acquiesced. I asked the other Dom to sit in and direct as He liked, a little moral support. And off we went to the medical room.

I directed the bottom to undress and get on the table, feet in the stirrups. Rummaging through the toy bag I found the dog shock collar and remote and showed them to the other Dom and the bottom. The bottom looked very skeptical. Demonstrating the intensity and how it worked I put the prongs of the collar against my arm and pressed the button on the remote, not even flinching. He still looked skeptical, so I demonstrated on his arm. He didn’t flinch but he still didn’t like it and asked to try with a lower setting. It was only set at 2, so I set it to 1 and demonstrated; he could hardly feel it. He agreed that it was useless at that setting but wouldn’t agree to a higher setting. So my first public scene was already a bust; I had no consent. Damn! That’s okay, I had several other ways of hurting his testicles.

I dug some cord out of the bag and proceeded to bind his cock and balls similar to the way Maestro had shown me to do. The balls were nicely exposed, his cock was hard and engorged. The first implement of choice was my new carbon fiber pain stick, small, short but very effective. With the bottom on the table spread eagle and feet in the stirrups I approached him with the stick. He may have been better off with the dog collar because the pain stick delivered a wicked snap to his testicles, and he was instantly moaning in pain. A few more flicks with the pain stick and I went back to the toy bag. The other Dom handed me some plastic clips to use. They were very tight, and I pinched them in different locations on the bottoms scrotum skin. More moaning. The bottom kept reaching for his agonized balls, so the other Dom suggested I have him do something with his hands. I directed him to put his hands over his head and keep them there. Removing the clips from his scrotum, more moans of pain. Back to the toy bag, I selected the riding crop as the next torture device. Reapplying the clips to the skin of his scrotum, I used the crop to flick the clips. Flicking it on his tight ball sac, more moans of pain. I would let him recover a bit before applying the next flick. The other Dom motioned me over and whispered that I needed to stroke him a bit, mix in some pleasure with the pain. So I massaged his aching balls a bit, stroked him a little, then began hurting him some more, squeezing his testicles hard until he moaned in pain again. I repeated this pattern a couple of times until I thought he’d had enough. Untying the cord that bound his cock and balls and removing the clips, his cock stood erect. Again the other Dom motions me over, He whispers in my ear that I need to finish the bottom, get him off. We argued about this a bit, I wanted the bottom to finish himself off, but I respected the other Dom’s advice, so I jacked off the bottom until he came. The bottom was pleased, I did my first public scene and nobody lost an eye. It was a good night. Except for the other Dom, He couldn’t find anyone to play with.


Maestro is kind enough to let this count as one fuck. This makes my total 56 for the year.


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