An agonizing two weeks has passed since I was with Maestro. He teases me daily, telling me what He wants to do to me when He finally sees me. One of those things mentioned that I am especially excited about is that He will be collaring me this time, the ultimate expression of ownership. His schedule is busy but He makes time for us for Wednesday afternoon. Finally! He wants me to wear the same outfit I wore to the BDSM play party since I got so many compliments on it. I rearrange my schedule to accommodate His early start and prepare myself to meet with Him. Packing the toy bag and my personal bag, I make sure to include the choker He will be putting on me; this is in lieu of the permanent collar that He has yet to select.

Driving to the hotel to meet Him I wonder what activities He has in store for me today. He always loves to plan a variety of experiences for our sessions. During the past two weeks He has expressed His strong desire to be very aggressive, so I mentally prepare myself for this. I absolutely love when He pulls my head back with my hair, kissing and biting my neck. The thought sends shivers down my spine.

I arrive at the hotel and He sends me the room number. I grab the toy bag, which gets heavier every time, and head to the room. He opens the door when He hears me approach, telling me to set my things down. I am wearing a jacket which He unzips to admire my outfit; He is pleased. Kissing me He pulls my head back with my hair; I am enthralled. Biting and sucking my neck He marks me as His. He is still partially dressed, and I grab His cock through His shorts, massaging it. Spreading my legs He plunges His fingers into my wet waiting pussy; I moan with pleasure. He tells me to lay on the bed. Undressing, He joins me. His cock is needing me to suck it so I oblige, sucking Him while He makes sounds of pleasure. Pushing my head down on His cock He has me pump it, bringing Him near climax but I back off before He cums. He enjoys this, delaying His climax as long as possible. We are kissing, caressing, He can’t wait any longer and He mounts me, legs in the air as He enters me. Thrusting, savoring the sensation of being in my warm wetness, He takes His time to enjoy.

A knock at the door; He doesn’t want to stop to answer it. Again a knock, so He begrudgingly separates Himself from me. Telling me to keep my legs in the air He gets up to answer the door. It is the male sub He often uses. The sub is instructed to lick my pussy before he can even get undressed. He does, and Maestro says “How do you like that taste? I’ve been fucking her for half an hour.” It’s a rhetorical question, no answer is required. Maestro lays next to me and tells us both to suck His cock; we do, sharing His cock and balls among us, two mouths on His cock sucking, licking, kissing, stroking, pleasuring. He tells me to come up and kiss Him; I do. He tells me to order the sub to put his fingers in my pussy, He is wanting me to Domme the sub. I tell the sub to put his fingers in my pussy, but he doesn’t comply right away. I have to give him a little kick with my booted foot to get him to comply, and he does. Maestro and I continue to kiss passionately.

After a while Maestro asks me if I want to practice some CBT binding on the sub and I quickly say yes. He tells me to direct the sub, so I tell the sub to get undressed. While he is undressing I retrieve some cord form my bag. Maestro tells me to restrain his hands as well, so I get the restraints from the bag also. The sub has a very worried look on his face, apparently he wasn’t expecting this. Hands restrained behind him, I’m sitting on the edge of the bed and I tell him to come to me. He hesitates and Maestro has to push him over to me. Maestro sits next to me and begins binding the subs cock, very tightly. Wrapping the cord around the base, then around the base of the shaft, down around the balls and back up the the shaft. As He works His way up the shaft, criss crossing the cord up the shaft, the subs cock is hard and engorged. Maestro ties off the cord just below the head, then tells me to suck the subs cock, but gently because it is very sensitive; I do as He asks. The sub flinches with pleasure and pain. Maestro tells me to get my crop from the bag, so I retrieve the a couple of riding crops as well as a bamboo cane. I don’t know how far He will let me go but if I get to inflict some pain I want to be ready. Maestro takes one of the crops from me and flicks the sub’s engorged head with it, the sub flinches. Maestro hands me the crop and tells me to just flick the engorged head, not too hard because it is very sensitive; I do, and enjoy it, bringing a smile to my face. Maestro tells me to suck the subs cock to make it feel better, so I do. I do this a few times, even trying the bamboo cane, sucking the cock in between every time. Now Maestro asks me if I want to ride the subs engorged and very hard cock; I do. I get a condom and put it on the subs cock, over the binding. I tell the sub to lay on the bed, then I climb on top of him and ride him for a few minutes. While I am riding him Maestro has him suck His cock. After a while I feel it is prudent to remove the binding from his cock so no damage is done. I climb off of his cock, remove the condom and removed the binding from his cock.

Now Maestro has another plan; He tells me to face sit the sub, to grind my pussy on his face and smother him with it. I climb onto the subs face and he gladly licks me, sticking his tongue in my pussy. Im not very successful at smothering him, but I still sit there as long as my knees can handle it. When my knees have had enough I climb off and Maestro takes my place, having the sub suck His cock and smothering the sub with His crotch until the sub struggles for air.

About this time there is another knock on the door. Maestro answers, this is someone new. A young man, who immediately kneels on the floor against the wall. Maestro whispers in my ear that this slave is 19 years old, and He wants me to fuck him. But, He has other plans first. He tells me to bind the slaves cock like He had done on the sub. I tell the slave to get undressed and he does. I also remove the restraints from the sub, freeing his hands. I have the slave come to me at the edge of the bed, Maestro sits next to me to assist. I wrap the cord around the base of the cock and balls like I had seen Maestro do, but I’m having a bit of difficulty. Maestro sees this and says it’s because the slave has such a small dick. Working together we get the slave’s cock bound. Then Maestro tells the slave to suck His cock, which he does for a while. He tells me to instruct the slave to lick my pussy, so I spread my legs and order the slave to lick me. The slave is not very good at this and will obviously need training, and I mention this. Next, Maestro tells me to get my pegging strapon ready, so I go to my toy bag to get what I need; lube, the harness and the blue dildo. I reach for the butt plugs to start the slave out gently with, but Maestro tells me no, that the slave gets no preparation. As I prepare the harness with the dildo Maestro tells the sub to suck the slaves cock to get it hard. I am ready with the harness, Maestro has the slave get in position on the bed. I have him move closer to the edge of the bed and Maestro applies some lube to his ass. I have to maneuver the slave low enough to reach his ass, and drive the dildo into him. Maestro is pleased, and climbs on the bed in front of the slave to have the slave suck His cock. In a short time Maestro says the slave has had enough and he can go. The slave rushes to put his clothes back on and I have to stop him to remove the binding from his cock. I tell him to use the bathroom to clean himself up before getting dressed, and he does, finally dressing himself and leaving. Maestro is disappointed that I didn’t get to fuck the slave.

I join Maestro on the bed, Him kissing me deeply. He tells the sub to fuck me, and we kiss and He whispers in my ear as the sub fucks me. Maestro is very pleased with my performance as a Domme, and has many great plans for us. The sub finally cums and Maestro tells him he can leave. Once the sub has dressed and leaves it is now just He and I. He asks me to get the collar I brought, I retrieve it from my bag and give it to Him. He has me turn around and lift my hair out of the way as He attaches the collar around my neck, stating that this indicates that I wholly belong to Him, cementing our relationship as Dominant and submissive. He turns me around and kisses me deeply and we sink to the bed together. He takes me as He pleases, hypnotizing me and giving me instructions to perform that He especially likes. He mounts me, entering me, making me cum on command, enjoying the thrust of His cock inside me, cumming several times before His final explosive climax. I am dripping with His cum, He is very pleased. We lay together, kissing, caressing, touching, feeling many emotions. Too soon, He must leave.

This session is worth three points, bringing my total for the year to 50.


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