If you haven’t figured it out already, I am a Switch. A slippery switchy Switch, an S witch. When I am with my Maestro I am perfectly submissive and subservient, but only for Him. He is the only One that is strong enough to control me. When I am with other Doms I am using them for my own experience, they are not dominating me. Maestro calls it topping from the bottom. When the opportunity arises that allows me to top I take it. I had such an opportunity this weekend.

I have recently become active in the local BDSM community through Fet events. Attending munches, parties and classes, learning and observing. I attend these events alone, unescorted by Maestro because, well, He’s married and has to be elsewhere. My Fet profile shows that I am a Switch and that I am owned, yet when I attend events I am accepted as a Mistress or Domme. Perhaps because they have never seen Maestro – He’s not on Fet – or it may be my demeanor and how I carry myself. Other Dommes respect me and invite me to their events, male subs and Switches give me attention.

One such male Switch bottom has been vying for my attention since my first munch. We have messaged back and forth a bit. He’s an introvert so it takes a little while to work up the courage to communicate. We both attended a munch this week and talked about the upcoming play party this weekend. A female kinkster that the switch usually plays with at parties said she would be unable to attend the party, and she gave me her blessing to beat him. Oh goody, my weekend just became very interesting.

So the Switch bottom and I messaged about activities and expectations. We met at the pre-party munch and discussed specific activities more in-depth. He likes impact play, I want to practice impact play, so it was decided this is what we would do. He even brought his own toy bags. He also like CBT, this we will save for another time. I let him know that this would be my first experience with true impact play, he was fine with that because he can take quite a lot.

After the munch I went home to change before the party three hours later. I wanted to dress the part so I chose my kinky black lace-up over-the-knee boots, black fishnet thigh-highs, black lace g-string panties, black pleather mini-skirt, black lace bolero and my favorite black corset. Checking the contents of my toy bag to make sure the new paddles were there I loaded it in the car and headed to the party. Arriving at the party the outfit was a hit, get many comments and compliments. The switch bottom was proud that he was to be the one to receive my attention that night.

After mingling for a while the bottom and I sat and he showed me the contents of his toy bags. Lots of fun stuff, paddles, floggers, whips, many leather restraints. Most all of it was home made and he was quite proud of them. And of course he was eager for me to use any that I chose on him. He had lots of CBT equipment, apparently he likes that quite a bit. Duly noted for the future.

Finally it was time to play. There are three stations in the dungeon, we chose the padded box that he could lay on. There were other scenes going on at some of the other stations, always exciting in the dungeon. We reviewed safe words and limits, he told me which areas on his body to avoid. I asked him if I needed to restrain and gag him, he said I shouldn’t have to. So he undressed down to his g-string and lay facedown on the box.

Warming him up I started with barehanded spanking. This gave me the opportunity to gauge his reactions. I spanked his ass and shoulders, the back of his thighs. Rubbing him down to soothe the sting, deciding with toy to use first. I rummaged through his toy bag to find the soft leather strap, very good for warming up yet still stingy. Applying this to him, I turned his backside a warm shade of pink. Rubbing him down, deciding. I quickly lost the concern and hesitancy about inflicting pain on someone, he was complying very nicely. Next I chose my dogging bat, I knew from personal experience how much pain this one delivers, thanks to my Maestro. This went on for quite a while, working through paddles, whips, floggers, and some especially wicked toys from his bag. He was turning a very nice shade of red and a few welts were raising on his back and ass. Squirming, yelping and cursing, I did get a “yellow” out of him once, and thumbs ups from the Dommes watching. I worked on him for about half an hour or more, finally cooling him down with a suede flogger.

He was happy and complimented me on a good scene, he did provide some constructive advice which I was grateful for. Another first to check off the bucket list. We talked about things to do the next time we play. That will be fun.

Maestro is kind enough to allow a point for this adventure, bringing the total for the year to 47.


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