The Other Dom

He asked me if I was going to fuck – He wants me to fuck often, to be His slut. I had met a Dom at a BDSM play party I had attended and He was wanting to get together for a play date, so I agreed, so I could fuck. I knew from talking to Him that He wasn’t a threat, He would not try to seduce me away from my Maestro.

The other Dom was working in a town near me so He was staying at a hotel. We arranged to meet at a restaurant near the hotel for dinner and drinks. I arrived and we got a table, chatting over dinner and drinks. He asked me what I expected for tonight and I really couldn’t provide a definite answer. I was expecting to experience some new forms of BDSM from Him, but I made it clear that I am not a pain slut. We discussed limits and safe words. Dinner was done and it was time to head to the hotel.

He started by having me undress in front of Him while He watched, then He told me to sit and masturbate while He got His toy bag out. He had me move to the bed and lay down so He could lick my pussy. He pleasured me for a few minutes then got up. He returned with a Violet Wand. Telling me to lock my hands together over my head and keep them there, He switched on the wand saying He was setting it to low. He ran the wand up and down my body, paying special attention to the sensitive areas, nipples, labia and clit. It was interesting to observe how it felt on various parts of the body; some areas that are less sensitive I felt practically nothing, yet the more sensitive areas certainly felt the sting even at the low setting.

Turning off the Wand and setting it down He began licking my pussy again. Then He told me to stand up with my hands still together over my head. He brought a blindfold over and put it on me, saying part of the experience is not knowing what was coming next. Indeed, it was. I heard Him rummaging in His toy bag again, I could hear the tinkling of metal. He came to me, telling me to keep my hands in place. Suddenly I felt a strong, cold pinch on first one nipple, the next. I gasped, He was pleased. He asked me how that felt, I said “They’re heavy”. He said “Yes, they are” with a smile in His voice. He asked me if I was okay, I said yes. He began kissing me, then stopped. He said “This is what really hurts” and removed the nipple clamps simultaneously. Ow! That was painful! Now He kissed and sucked my nipples, soothing them. I’m seeing a pattern here; pleasure, pain, pleasure, pain.

Again He’s rusting in the toy bag. Now He’s binding my tits, one at a time. He says He won’t go very tight with them, it still feels pretty tight to me though. He deftly wraps them with a practiced hand. Once He is finished He again applies the nipple clamps. It’s more sensitive this time, more painful. He asks me if I’m okay and I tell Him yes. I’m still standing with my hands locked together over my head. He makes me spread my legs further apart. He begins using a vibrator on my clit, He tells me to ask permission before I cum. This feels good, but I think I will be disappointing Him. He asks me if it feels good and I say yes. He works with the vibrator on me for a while, then suddenly yanks the nipple clamps off. That hurt, I yelped. Again with the rustle of the toy bag. He asks me if I have heard of a zipper, I tell Him that I have but I’m not sure what it is. I feel a pinch on my nipple, a cloths pin, another on my breast followed by more, going down my body, on my labia, back up the other side to my breast and nipple. He asks me if I’m okay, I tell Him yes. Suddenly they are all yanked off at once. It hurts! So that’s what a zipper is. He has me lay on the bed face down and puts the vibrator under my clit. Back to the toy bag, rustling. A smack on my ass, each cheek, not too hard but just enough to sting.

He has me stand up and removes the rope from my tits and removes the blindfold. Picking up the clothes pins He asks me if I’m ready to fuck Him. We had discussed my proclivity for pegging when we first met and He was interested in trying it. He was disappointed that I hadn’t brought my strapon, but He had something in His toy bag that I could use instead. He produced a dildo with a handle on it and a bottle of lube. That would work nicely. He bent over the edge of the bed to get in position. I lubed my thumb and started with that, which went easily. Working up to two and three fingers, getting Him ready for the toy, checking with Him to be sure He’s okay. Finally He was ready so I lubed up the toy and gently inserted it into His ass. I ask Him if He’s okay and He says yes. He’s enjoying the sensation. I take it slow then pick up the speed a little, He’s still enjoying and He tells me to go faster. I stand directly behind Him and squeeze the handle of the dildo between my legs and fucked Him as if I was using the strapon. He loved it. He had me do this for quite some time.

Now He is ready to fuck me. We switch positions and He takes me from behind, pounding me animal style. Then He has me lay on the bed and climbs on, pushing my legs in the air and pounding me into the mattress. He has good stamina and lasts for a while, finally climaxing and laying next to me. We chat a for a bit, He apologizes for not making me cum and I tell Him not to be concerned, that it happens with me sometimes. I get up to dress and leave, for it’s approaching midnight and I have an hour’s drive ahead.

This is worth 2 points, bringing my total for the year to 46.


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