I Just Don’t Remember

I swear He bewitches me, has cast a spell on me. As soon as He touches me I’m gone, into sub space. Why am I SO susceptible to Him?

I have to write something, but I honestly can’t recall enough of what I felt or what happened to put together a cohesive story.

He was anxious to get together again even though His schedule didn’t particularly warrant it. He wanted to release the beast on me again because it had been caged for so long it had felt good to let it out. Rearranging His schedule He made time for us on Thursday afternoon.

I was hesitant, watching the bruises from the beasts treatment fade during the week, remembering the fear and the dive to safety, feeling broken and humbled. I wasn’t as eager as I usually am, anticipating or meeting. I made a request, in hopes of receiving some of what I enjoyed and eagerly anticipate from our time together; I asked that He forgo the hypnosis that He loves to do so much. I explained that while under hypnosis I don’t experience the intimacy, it’s fake. He said He would consider my request, but ultimately it is for His pleasure.

I arrived at the hotel, toting my toy bag to the specified room. I had dressed especially sexy for Him as He required, allowing Him to unzip my jacket to reveal His present. He was pleased. He immediately began seducing me, kissing me, caressing me, dominating me by pulling my hair back exposing my neck to Him, moving me where He wanted me – and this instantly put me into a level of sub space. I don’t know how He does it, but I was gone.

I don’t remember much after that. We are on the bed together, I am sucking His cock bringing Him close to climax and stopping just shy of Him cumming. His cock is hard and He mounts me to fuck me but backs off again. He is using the strapon on me, making me cum. He fucked me in the ass with the strapon, my first ass fucking. There is a knock on the door, He tells me to spread my legs as He answers it. It is beard guy from last time, I’m going to get pounded. Sucking cocks, on my knees getting pounded, on my back getting pounded into the mattress while Maestro contentedly watches. Beard guy finally cums, dresses and leaves.

He is letting the beast loose, a bit at a time. Biting me, spanking me, I’m sucking His cock as He pushes my head to His crotch. Another knock at the door, He gets up to answer; He turns this one away because it has been drinking. More of the beast, “kiss me, touch me” He demands. I am unsure how to serve the beast, last time He bound my hands when I tried to touch Him. Inconsistency confuses.

He is fucking me, fucking me hard, the mattress is complaining. He cums once, twice, and a third earth shattering time in me. Then He is done. He holds me in His arms, cooling down. After a while He gets up to shower and leave. Checking the time He is instantly anxious; He has lost an hour and a half. Over three hours of sex. Worse, there is no water for the shower. He quickly dresses while I watch with a grin, thinking this is funny. This is why we can’t do a quickie, He gets so involved in the sex He totally looses track of time. He kisses me and leaves in a hurry.

This is worth 2 fucks, bringing my total for the year to 44.


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