The Russian

Having a profile set up on a few swinger lifestyle sites I get offers from single men on occasion. Most I delete with disinterest, I’m not easily impressed. But once in a while one will pique my interest, or he will be so persistent that I relent. This one was both. His profile was that of a married couple, but that they both had hall passes and played separately. He was approaching me for himself, not as a couple. There were pictures in the profile but the faces were obscured so all I could discern was his general body type, which was appealing.

Although my schedule was busy with other adventures I responded to let him know that I was interested. He jumped on the opportunity and wanted to meet right away; I let him know that I would contact him when I had an opening in my schedule. He had already picked a restaurant for the lunch/dinner date. I was able to squeeze him and and he complied with a one day notice, we set a date for Monday.

Being a tourist area many of the restaurants are closed on Monday; the restaurant he chose was one of them. I texted him and suggested an alternative, so we met there at 6:30. I finally get to lay eyes on him, and was pleased. He kissed me as we met. He is a good looking guy, nice build, stylishly bald, fashionably but casually dressed. He spoke with an accent that was familiar but I could’t quite place it, it was not strong yet it was prominent. We were seated at a table and ordered drinks to talk over. He talked about his interest in me, that his wife doesn’t care for parties and that he was hoping I would attend one with him; he wants me to be his lover if things work out. I was certainly interested. I eventually asked him where he was from and found out he is Russian. This gave us a common subject to talk about since I am half Russian myself. The evening and dinner went very nicely, both of us finding attraction in each other. He was quite polite and gentlemanly, it was hard not to. He asked if I wanted to play; I said yes.

He followed me to my house nearby. I let him in and set my things down, he immediately started kissing me. Very soon we were off to the bedroom, clothes flying off. I lay on the bed and he joined me, kissing me hard, fondling my breasts and sucking my nipples. He worked his way down to my waiting pussy to lick and suck it, causing to moan with pleasure. Now he wanted to fuck me. He retrieved a condom from his jacket and put it on, and drove his hard cock into my wet pussy. We both gasped and moaned, enjoying each other. He pounded me long and hard, changing to various positions, making me cum multiple times. Finally he was ready to cum, he did so explosively accompanied with an animalistic growl. What a fantastic fuck! Spent, I lay next to him, both of us enjoying the afterglow. After a while he asked if he could shower, so I brought him a towel. As he’s getting dressed he’s playing with my breasts again, getting hard again, but also saying he had to get up early for work. It will have to wait until next time.

This counts as one point, bringing my total for the year to 37.


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