My kinkster magnetism is at work again. I was contacted by a man who wanted me to Domme him, to use him for some CBT, pegging and what ever else I wanted to do to him. He is from England and here working for a couple of weeks. Intrigued, I chatted with him a bit.

He explained that he was new to the realm of kink, that he had experienced submissive feelings for a while and was interested in finding a Mistress to explore with. England was quite nervous, being in a strange place and speaking about ‘private stuff’. I did my best to make him feel comfortable with me. I attempted to arrange to meet him one evening but he was very skittish so I backed off to let him get used to the idea and build some courage. He was very concerned with discretion, he had colleagues staying at the same hotel he was at. All very understandable. England wanted to show me that he was indeed serious about proceeding with the adventure so he asked me if there were any ‘tests’ that I would like him to do for me. I asked him to do some cock binding to himself and send me pictures, and he did.

It was another couple of days before I would have the availability to try and meet him again. We chatted daily, and set a date to meet. The night before we were to meet England wanted to impress me with his willingness so he again did some self cock binding and sent pictures. Note to England: remember to remove your wedding ring before you take the pictures. See, now you just pissed me off. Now I am contemplating some very special treatment for you.

We met for drinks the next evening at a nearby restaurant. I was a little nervous myself but I wanted to show confidence for him so he could relax and be comfortable with me. I enjoyed talking with him, he was a pleasant fellow. I gave him the opportunity to fess up about his relationship status by turning the conversation to the subject of married guys in the lifestyle, and how there seems to be so many in it that hide their activities from their spouses. England didn’t take the offer, he merely sat and nervously fidgeted with his naked ring finger. This would go poorly for him.

England was anxious to submit to me. I agreed to do a session with him the following evening. I dressed in my sexiest Dominatrix outfit, picked him up near his hotel and brought him to my house. We sat on the sofa and talked for a while, drinking absinthe; he was impressed with my outfit.

I was ready to get started. I led him to my bedroom and told him to get undressed and lay on the bed. I set out the toys, prepared some towels nearby and pulled the bedding down. I had England lay on the bed. I started with some cock binding, trying a couple of different ties. He responded to this attention, happily pointing out the pre-cum oozing from his anticipating cock. Too bad he would be disappointed. I left the binding in place and told him to roll over. I finally get to break in my riding crop and doggin bat. I used both of these on him until his ass cheeks were bright red; very satisfying. He was very cooperative through this, not complaining at all – I didn’t need to restrain him.

Now it was time to violate his ass. I had him bend over the edge of the bed. I started out with the butt plugs, lubing up the smallest one first and inserting it into his ass. He was surprised that this was the smallest, barely the size of a finger. And I could already tell that this was going to be unpleasantly messy, good thing I had prepared with plenty of towels. Obviously he didn’t think to clean himself up first. I worked though the plugs, lubing and inserting until I got to the next to largest one, still dealing with the unpleasant messiness. I wanted to peg his ass and get this over with. I know he was expecting more, he was expecting me to allow him to pleasure me but this wasn’t going to happen, not for this boy. England watched as I undressed to to my bra and panties, making positive comments about my appearance. I thanked him for the compliment and donned the strapon, lubed it up and eased it home while he squirmed. I fucked his ass for a good long time, until I just couldn’t handle the shitty mess any longer. So, I wrapped the strapon in a towel and removed it, telling him to get cleaned up and dressed. England was a bit put out, but knew better than to complain.

I got dressed, drove him back to his hotel and kissed him good night.

This will count as 1, bringing my total to 36 for the year.


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