Valentine’s Day

With our new dynamic solidified with ground rules and stated expectations, He was eager to claim His submissive mistress. The soonest that our schedules allowed us to get together was coincidentally Valentine’s Day. How appropriate.

We chatted, discussing what He wanted to do with me, getting each other very worked up. Five days until Valentine’s day seems like an eternity. He was busy procuring entertainment for the day, not disclosing any details other than to let me know He intended on being rough and intense, and requesting I bring specific toys. I looked forward to this in my damaged mind.

Finally it’s Tuesday. Today, I become His completely, His submissive mistress. My heart is racing with anticipation as soon as I wake in the morning. I plan my day to allow ample time to prepare for Him and arrive on time. I put together a sexy black lacy with fishnet clothing ensemble to present myself to Him in. On the way I’m anxious to be in His arms, traffic is especially annoying. I arrive early and listen to music in my car as I wait for Him. He sends me the room number, I gather my things to go to Him.

He opens the door to my knock and tells me to set my things down. He is pleased with the package I prepared for Him, wrapping His arms around me and gently delivering the kisses we have been longing for. Formalities aside, He takes me. Pulling my hair to expose my neck to Him He is biting me. Undressing Himself He holds my arms behind me, restricting me from touching Him. Then He takes one of my hands and moves it to His cock which I squeeze and stroke. He directs me to the bed and has me lay on my back, still clothed. He removes only my panties, wanting to savor the outfit I wore for Him. Joining me on the bed He drives His fingers deep into my pussy, causing me to gasp with pleasure. He finger fucks me while kissing me deeply.

There is a knock on the door, He gets up to answer telling me to spread my legs. Answering the door, He tells the newcomer to come back in ten minutes and returns to me alone. Laying next to me He has me focus on Him as He begins to hypnotize me. He really loves the level of control that He has over me when I am under hypnosis, this is one of His favorite activities. Under hypnosis I do and feel anything He tells me. Anything. He has me pleasure Him for a while, sucking His cock like it was the last one on earth.

A knock on the door again, He gets up to answer. The newcomer is undressing, he is known by us as ‘big dick’. Maestro barely settles on the bed again and there is another knock. More fun. Big dick is told to lick my pussy while Maestro answers the door. The new one is the male sub that joins us frequently. He is told to suck Maestro’s cock. With Him being sucked and me being licked, we embrace and kiss passionately ignoring the human toys we are using for our pleasure and focusing only on each other. He pauses long enough to command the two toys to switch places; they do. The sub is better with oral than big dick and I mention this to Maestro. He tells me to cum, which I do instantly because He has given me this command under hypnosis. He really loves doing that.

Another knock on the door, yet more fun. This time it is massage boy, a very sweet fuck. While the sub is still licking me Maestro tells big dick to suck massage boy’s cock to get him ready for me. When he’s hard Maestro tells him to put a condom on and fuck me. Massage boy takes the opportunity to bend down and kiss me – bad move, for this really upsets Maestro. Massage boy climbs on the bed and enters me, eliciting moans of pleasure from me. He takes it slow at first, enjoying and savoring my pussy, but Maestro is ticked off and tells him to go for it and finish. Soon he cums and Maestro sends him away.

Yet another knock on the door. He has me busy sucking big dick’s cock while He answers the door. He instructs the sub to prepare the newcomer by sucking his cock. Maestro returns to me and has me work on His cock. Very soon the sub tells Him that the newcomer is done, that he sucked him off. Now the newcomer is useless so he is sent away.

Maestro wants to have some special fun with me. He tells me to suck big dick’s cock and to finish him, but not to swallow, to hold his cum in my mouth. I do as I am told, big dick enjoying this immensely. Maestro now tells me to pass the cum to the male sub by kissing him, so I do, emptying all of the cum in my mouth to the subs mouth. Maestro is very pleased. He has me suck His cock now, and tells the sub to get big dick hard again. Big dick is soon ready and He tells me to suck big dick to climax again, and again hold the cum in my mouth. I suck big dicks cock to finish and hold his cum in my mouth. Maestro tells me to suck the sub’s cock now with the cum in my mouth, so I do. Finally He tells me I can swallow, but to keep sucking the sub’s cock. Big dick is done so he is sent away, I’m still sucking the sub’s cock. Maestro is enjoying this very much.

Now it is just the three of us, Maestro the sub and me. Maestro wants to do something new with the sub so He tells me to get my strap-on ready. I’m still dressed at this point so He tells me to get undressed, and I do. He unzips my dress and I slowly undress while they watch, eyes locked with Him. I attach the blue anal dildo to the strap-on harness and step in to the harness, cinching it up tight. Maestro tells me to fuck the sub. I grab the bottle of lube, and as I am applying it to the dildo and the subs ass He comes up behind me, reaching His fingers into my pussy. I start to slowly ease the dildo into the subs ass, when suddenly Maestro shoves me from behind. No breaking the sub in gently, he gets the whole thing all at once. The subs is squealing and wriggling, but also enjoying. I proceed to fucking his ass, thrusting deep while Maestro is playing with my pussy. Maestro tells me to pound him but he keeps wiggling around. Maestro moves around and has the sub suck His cock while I peg his ass, making a sub sandwich between us while our eyes are locked on each other. What a wicked, wicked pair we are.

Maestro decides the sub has had enough and asks me if I want him to fuck me. The sub says he forgot to bring condoms, but I remind Maestro that I have some. Conspiratorially He asks me what we should do with the sub. I suggest that we should send him away without climaxing; Maestro takes the idea further. He tells me to get a condom for the sub, and then to suck his cock to get him hard. I sit on the edge of the bed, pull the sub to me and begin sucking his cock until he is very hard. Maestro tells him to put the condom on and fuck me, but not to cum; he is to tell us before he comes. The sub fucks me until he is ready to climax, and Maestro tells him to get dressed and leave.

Now it’s just the two of us. He gets the dildo, my Boyfriend and uses it on me, bringing me to a G-spot climax. He continues to fuck me with the dildo, using the suggestion He planted with the hypnosis to cum every time He tells me to. He has me coming over and over. He decides He would like to try the strap-on harness, so He tells me to put the dildo in the strap-on, which I do for Him. He fucks me with the strap-on, then tells me to get on my hands and knees so He can fuck me from behind. I get in animal style position and He fucks me with the strap-on hard, pounding me. Finally He removes the strap-on, sets it aside and mounts me Himself, fucking me long and hard, filling me with His cum as He climaxes three times, yet He’s still not done with me. He rolls off of me and starts to masturbate Himself to His fourth climax. Just before He cums He tells me to catch His cum in my mouth, and I do, lapping it all up like the good submissive that I am. Finally satiated we lay in embracing each other for a long time. Too soon though He must leave. He releases me from the hypnosis before getting into the shower. While He is dressing I give Him a heart-shaped tin of Hershey’s kisses for Valentine’s Day. He shares a few with me, passing them as He kisses me, and then He is gone.


This scene counts for four points, bringing my total for the years to 35.


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