A Small Fuckfest

Trouble in paradise, I had a bit of a falling out with my Dom. Well, more than a bit, I was done with Him. I was angry and I needed to fuck someone, several someones. I went on Tinder to find a hookup; a couple chatted but no follow through. A message on OKCupid looked promising. Moved the chat over to Kik and he proceeded to get rude. Whatever, if he’ll follow through and fuck me I’ll put up with it. He didn’t follow through. I went to a local hangout that night, no luck there either.

Now it’s Superbowl Sunday. Only place to find guys will be at a Superbowl party. There was a party at the lifestyle club, FA, so I decided to head up there. Sundays were rumored to be pretty wild there anyway, allowing single men. Surely I could find someone to fuck there.

Bingo. Jackpot. The place was rockin’. Testosterone and pheromones were flowing. The number of single horny guys was actually overwhelming. So many to choose from. And they were all worked up from the sexual energy of the club. I took some time doing reconnaissance, choosing my prey. A young Asian man caught my attention, I found him standing alone in the hallway. Approaching him I told him he looked lonely and asked if wanted to play; he did. He introduced himself as W. We headed into the play area, searching for an open bed. We climbed into a loft area, and several other men followed us. We began making out, kissing and undressing. W liked to kiss so we did a lot of that, all the while these other guys are sitting and watching us. This reminded me of one of my favorite activities with my Dom, He would kiss me deeply and passionately while someone fucked me. So, when the first of the watchers asked if he could fuck me I said yes, if he had a condom; he did. W and I continued to kiss and make out as Mr. Unknown undressed, donned his condom and fucked me until he came. Very hot, but it didn’t give me nearly the enjoyment that it gave me with my Dom. Damn Him anyway.

W was ready for his turn now. He donned his condom and mounted me, fucking and kissing. He rolled me over and fuck me from behind, then he wanted me to blow him. He removed the condom and I sucked his cock, which was quite hard. He must have taken Viagra or something, because even with my best attentions he wasn’t cumming anytime soon. I did get him close but he had me stop before finishing him. Then he put another condom on and fucked me hard and long until we were both sweating and worn out. The other guys that had followed us into the loft had gotten tired of waiting because we took so long, and had left. We lay and cooled down bit before getting dressed and climbing down from the loft.

I was still ready for more though. W had introduced me to his friend F, who was very turned on by my kissing. I contemplated fucking him also while standing in the hallway watching the guys mill around. I needed to make a decision. If I took F or someone else I was going to be there for another half an hour at least. I needed to reserve some energy for tomorrow morning; I have two schedule for 11:30. So I made the decision to leave. Grabbing my things I headed to the car.

Monday morning brought rain with it. Perfect for indoor activities. My FWB J had contacted me last week. He asked if it would be okay if he brought a friend with him to play. The thought of taking on J and another was very hot, so I readily agreed. He thought that was very hot as well.

11:30 rolled around and J and his friend K arrived. I didn’t hesitate leading them both to the bedroom. With an arm around each I was kissing both. They both worked on undressing me and fondling and touching me. Soon we are all undressed and on the bed. I took on K first while J ran his hands up and down my body. I kissed K and got him aroused, then sucked his cock as he moaned with pleasure, looking up and making eye contact with him. After a few minutes of sucking he was ready to fuck me. J handed him a condom which he donned and then mounted me, thrusting his cock anxiously in to me. He loved how I felt and fucked me hard until he came.

Next up is J. He didn’t need any priming, his big cock was ready for me. He plunge it in me, stroking furiously then slowed. He said “Don’t laugh, I’m doing math calculations”, to keep from cumming. He fucked for a while then rolled off of me. He wanted me to use my Hitachi on myself, so I obliged. I retrieved the Magic Wand form the nightstand. Laying between J and K I pleasured with the Hitachi. At the same time J is jerking himself off; we climaxed simultaneously. They both enjoyed that very much, as did I.

The following Thursday I was interviewing another Dom. Lets just say that He failed the interview, miserably. He did cum in my mouth.

This brings my total to 31 for the year.


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