The Yearlong Fuck Assignment

At last! Thursday is here and I get to be with Him. It has been an agonizingly long month which began with severe sub crash and was drawn out by cancellations and weeks with complete lack of communication due to the holidays. Enough to drive a sub mad as a hatter.

And it’s raining to boot. Which means the commute will be challenging. I don’t want anything to delay this visit. I ensure that I prepare myself with plenty of time to arrive punctually, and use my secret traffic weapon, Waze, to direct me around any potential hazards.

I arrive with a couple of minutes to spare; He’s running a bit late. He had actually moved the arrival time up by half an hour to give us more time together. He has missed me as well. Waiting for Him to arrive, I sit in my car enjoying music. Shortly He arrives, and beckons me to the motel room with a come hither motion of His finger. Gathering my things, I follow Him in.

We fall into each other’s arms, kissing passionately. Feeling His body against mine, in His arms, I am finally where I belong. I tell Him that this once a month stuff isn’t cutting it; He agrees. He tells me to set my things down and remove my coat while He quickly undresses, ordering me to suck His cock. So eager am I to please Him I momentarily forget that I physically cannot kneel, and promptly fall on my ass. I’m thoroughly embarrassed; He helps me off the floor. He moves me to the bed where I am safer and joins me there. About this time is when I slip into sub space, eager and needing to please Him.

This is where things start getting fuzzy for me. While I am in sub space I am aware of what is happening, but afterwords the details are not clear and parts are missing. I recount this to the best of my recollection, but the actual sequence of events may differ. The scene may not seem fluid, but this is how I remember it. It was necessary for me to request of Him some of the details to document here.

Hungrily, I start sucking His cock. He unhooks my bra and pinches my nipples hard, making me cry out. As we are kissing and lost in the sensation of feeling each other there is a knock on the door. More fun has arrived. Maestro gets up to let the new arrival in. I watch as he walks in and sets his things on the other bed. He’s familiar. This is someone Maestro had sent me to during a previous assignment. Pleasant memories, as he is young, very good looking, very attentive with a soft touch and sweet demeanor, and has a nice cock as well. Oh, and he provided a great massage.

Massage boy gets undressed and Maestro has him come to the side of the bed so I can suck his uncircumcised cock. Massage boy quickly responds to my oral attention. Since I am still mostly clothed, Maestro works on undressing me. He unzips my boots and removes them one at a time, then my socks, my leggings and panties. While I am still sucking Massage boy’s cock Maestro lays next to me, removing my shirt and bra which is tangled in my long hair. He tells Massage boy to return the favor to me, so I spread my legs to allow him to lick my pussy.

While Massage boy is busy between my legs, there is another knock on the door. Again, a familiar face. This one is from our last session. He loves to suck cock, and has a big dick. Unfortunately he can’t keep that big dick hard. I’m not terribly interested, I focus on Massage boy working on me. I reach down and touch his hand and he clasps my hand in his. Big Dick is working on Maestro’s cock. Maestro reaches over and pinches my nipples, hard enough that I yell out in pain. He tells Massage boy to fuck me, so he puts on a condom and climbs on the bed. He enters me slowly, eliciting a moan of pleasure from me. Maestro asks me if it feels good, and I tell Him it does. So He tells me to tell Massage boy that he feels good; I do. Maestro tells me to tell Massage boy not to cum; I do. Maestro bites my neck, hard. Massage boy pulls out to keep from cumming.

It’s all a blur at this point. Massage boy fucks me until he comes, Maestro alternates between kissing me, pinching my nipples hard, having me suck His cock, and biting my neck hard. Maestro has me suck Big Dick’s cock, Big Dick throat fucks me but doesn’t cum. Maestro wants Big Dick to fuck me, but Big Dick says he forgot to bring condoms. Massage boy doesn’t have any more either. I said I may have some, so Maestro tells me to get them. He is impressed that I came prepared. I get up and get the condoms out of my bag. Maestro tells me to suck Massage boy’s cock, to get him ready to fuck me again. I work on Massage boy’s cock for a while, but he admits that he is spent. He is no longer of any use to Maestro, so Maestro sends him away. A short time later He asks me if I want Him to send Big Dick away, and I say yes, send him away. Big Dick gets dressed to leave, Maestro thanks him on his way out.

Now it is just He and me, entangled on the bed. He has me suck His cock nearly to climax. He is up, spanking me hard when His phone rings. He curses in anger, calms Himself and takes the call. He returns to me and asks me if I want Him to to cum in my pussy or in my mouth. My pussy, I tell Him. He asks me why, and I tell Him it’s because He is the only one that gets to cum in me. He wonders if He has ever cum in my mouth, and I remind Him that He has; the first time we were together. Dessert. He recalls with a smile. Next thing I know He is fucking me, thrusting in me while I lock His gaze, and He is cumming inside me, never breaking eye contact.

As He lays in the afterglow He asks me if I brought my toy. I tell Him that I did and retrieve it from my bag. It’s a Hitachi Magic Wand, a girl’s best friend. Using the toy on me He softly tells me about the plan He has for me. Over the holidays He has thought about and constructed this Yearlong Fuck assignment for me. He recited the outline, but I couldn’t remember the details for this post so He obliged me to write it down. This is my Yearlong Fuck assignment from my Dom:

“You asked for your assignment, so here it is:

150 fucks this year. Sounds like a lot, but, I have some incentives for you which will help.

Every man, including me counts as one fuck. Multiple climaxes in the same session are still one fuck, but fucking the same man on multiple days counts as separate fucks…this will allow you repeaters so you are not always looking for fresh meat.

An encounter with a woman counts as two fucks, but you must either give or receive oral or have something inside each other…finger, dildo or vibrator to count.

That means that a couple is worth three if you fuck both. If you just fuck the man and not the woman is only one. If you fuck the woman, but not the man, it is two.

A couple with me is five.

A solo woman with us is ten, but I have to be able to fuck her.

I will give extra points for unique situations…trannies and orgies come to mind, but those will be case by case.”

About this time the battery dies in the toy. Our time together has come to an end anyway; He needs to go. We lay together, I am buried in His arms. Laying on me, He delivers the softest, most sensual kisses, and looks deep into my eyes. Bliss. I want to remain here forever. But it’s not to happen. He gets up and showers and dresses. As He is sitting on the bed putting His shoes on, I sarcastically tell Him we should do this again sometime. Fortunately for me, He doesn’t have the time to punish me for being a smart ass.


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