The Quickie

He wants a quickie. Ten minutes, He says. I respond with “I know you better than that, you can’t let me go after only ten minutes.” So He says “okay, but really only half an hour at the most.” I’m not even going to mention that it’s only been four days since we were together, and that this is twice in the same week, a first. We’ll just leave that one right there.

I drive to the motel to meet Him. Traffic is unusually bad, delaying me by fifteen minutes. I’m stressed because I know His time is short today. I finally arrive, He’s mostly undressed already. No time for long, deep kisses, I quickly undress. He wants to hypnotize me again; He really enjoyed that last time. So did I.

We’re on the bed and He quickly hypnotizes me. He has me pleasure Him by sucking His cock while He is busy with His phone. This means He is summoning more fun. Shortly there is a knock on the door, He leaves me on the bed to answer it. A familiar face. He quickly undresses and he is instructed to lay on the bed, He tells me to suck the new one’s cock; I do. The guy quickly responds to my oral attention. This guy is really enjoying this. I hear my Dom tell me to finish him and swallow his cum; I do. The guy lasted a mere two minutes at most. A bit astonished, He comments on how quick that was. This one is sent away with a thank you.

Busy on His phone again, summoning more fun. He joins me on the bed and we kiss and fondle. Another knock on the door, He gets up to answer. A young man enters the room. Unfortunately he didn’t think to bring condoms, so he is sent away. Busy on the phone again He is. So much for this being a quickie. Again He joins me on the bed, kissing and caressing, I am sucking His cock. There is yet another knock on the door. Before He gets up to answer the door, He tells me to close my eyes and not to open them. He says I will never know who this one is. He gets up to answer the door one final time. I lay there with my eyes closed. I hear Him tell the newcomer to get prepared, put on a condom and fuck me. I feel him get on the bed and enter me. He’s only good for a couple strokes before he cums. He gets dressed and leaves.

Now just He and me, the phone is set aside. He puts me to sleep again to give me new instructions. He gets up to retrieve a toy and brings it to the bed. This is an anal vibrator. After turning it on He gently inserts it into my ass, fucking my ass with it. This is my first ass fucking, other than the occasional finger. Playing with that for a while He tells me to take it and play with it; I do. Soon the toy is put away and I am sucking His cock again while He fingers my pussy, making me cum on command whenever He pleases. He rolls me over and mounts me, fucking me twice, making me cum on command several times. Next He wants me to suck Him to His final climax; I do. He has instructed me that when He cums that I will also climax hard; I do. He is finally satisfied. Cuddling for barely a minute though He is up and in the shower, He must leave. His half an hour turned into over an hour, He must get back to work. I brush my tangled hair, clean myself up and dress alone in the room this time.

I’m not sure how many points this one is worth, 2 I guess. That puts me at 22 for the year.

EDIT: He says it counts as 3; blow job, fuck and Him. So that puts me at 23.


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