The New Boyfriend

Looking for some excitement for the weekend, I RSVP’d for a lifestyle house party. I knew some of the people on the RSVP list so it looked promising for some good fun. Saturday night arrived, I dressed my sexy best and headed to the party. I met up with the people I knew and met some new friends, drank, chatted, danced a bit, groped a little, but didn’t find that special someone to fuck. There actually wasn’t much of any playing happening there, mostly just ladies exposing themselves. Not many, if any couples headed upstairs. So, I went home alone, unfucked.

The next morning I was moving a little slowly with a bit of a hangover from the previous night’s party. I didn’t even feel up to dealing with the dogs so I kicked them all outside. Laying on the couch, surfing the Internet I hear the dogs start barking. This usually means someone is approaching the house. I hear someone drop a package at the door. I’m hardly even ambitious enough to get up to retrieve the package, and then I remember what it is. Instantly I’m up and retrieving the delivery, forgetting the hangover I’m feeling, realizing this day just got better.

Opening the Amazon box I find two items sealed in black plastic bags. I am excited. I have been contemplating purchasing these items for quite some time, but due to the cost had not taken the plunge yet. But I was recently inspired enough to break out the credit card and make the purchase; the wife of the couple I have been seeing expressed her interest in having me fuck her with a strap-on. Also, Maestro has had many special ideas involving a strap-on. So, here it is.

I had researched this purchase thoroughly using recommendations found here on this site. After reading many reviews I made my  decision. I wanted the Spareparts Hardwear Joque strap-on. There were actually three dildos that I found useful for a variety of activities, all being from the VixSkin line from Vixen Creations. I chose these for their realistic feel, made with non-toxic materials, easily cleanable and the lifetime warranty. For this particular purpose I selected the Mustang. I had ordered these last week, and now they had arrived.

Anxiously I opened the black plastic bags. So nice of Amazon to consider our discretion. The strap-on was impressively packaged. Opening the box and finally seeing and feeling it in person I was inspired and pleased with the product. It definitely appeared to be worth the money. Next I open the dildo. Also nicely packaged. I removed it from the tube it came in, anxious to experience the lifelike feel that I had read so much about. I certainly wasn’t disappointed, it did indeed feel like the real thing. It wasn’t cold like other dildos are, and it quickly warmed from my touch. Just handling it was making me horny. Recalling last night’s failure I wisked my new toys off to the bedroom, grabbing the Magic Wand on the way.

First I tried on the strap-on. Everything I had read about it was true; it fit perfectly once adjusted and was very comfortable on. Loosening the straps I inserted the dildo into the O ring. I tightened the straps back on. This was impressive, it looked and felt very natural. Far better than the other strap-on I had used before.

Now I needed to take the dildo for a test drive. I washed it and dried it first, then moved to the bed. I retrieved some lube from the nightstand and applied a bit to the dildo, then slowly inserted it into my hot pussy. O.M.G! Again, everything I had read about these dildos were true. It instantly warmed to body temperature, It felt just like the real deal. I hammered away, fucking myself silly with this wonderful new toy. The best part was, I could fuck this thing as hard and as long as I wanted because it was never going to loose it’s erection. I reached for the Magic Wand, bringing myself to an amazing climax while fucking the dildo. Oh yeah, this thing is going to get a lot of use, I can tell. And the wife of the couple, S, is going to love this. Money well spent, I think.

So I consider my new toy my new boyfriend. He’ll always be there for me, never let me down. When I come home from a party alone and unfucked he’ll console me. If you can’t find me, I’m riding my Mustang off into the sunset.


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