The Long Weekend Fuck Assignment

With the three day weekend arriving Maestro gave me an assignment to complete; I needed a couple of fucks this weekend. I balked a bit, I didn’t have any promising plans for the weekend. He was not sympathetic, He told me I needed to search harder. I hit up one of my favorite FWBs and lined him up for Sunday. I had a slim possibility for Saturday, but he was very likely to flake, he always does. Good thing I had Monday to try and dig up something else.

Saturday morning arrived, and provided me with a great opportunity to accomplish the second fuck.  A couple that I had met at the local Meet & Greets had invited me to join them and their friends at the well known lifestyle club, Club FA. Perfect! I had never been there before, even though I used to live near it. I had fantasized about going there often. Surely I could find a fuck there! So I accepted their invitation and made plans to join them that evening.

I arrived to the club that evening and found the couple. They introduced me to other friends of theirs. We sat near the main dance floor and watched all of the fun. I was given a tour of the facility by one of the hosts. He was very personable and a little into me. I asked him what time he was off, and told him to find me when he was. The night wore on and around midnight my friends left. I stayed around to watch the fun happen, and find that host. I found him and we headed to the play rooms, and took me to the Glory Hole and asked if I would like to make use of it. I did. I climbed in the cubby, around someone that was utilizing the first hole, and found the hosts cock in the second one. I started giving him oral attention. After several minutes of this attention he was cumming in my mouth, which I swallowed. I climbed out of the cubby to find the very pleased host, with onlookers above commenting on his enjoyment as well. I hung around the club a little longer, then left.

Sunday afternoon I confirmed with my FWB that he was still available; he was. I’ll refer to him here as MM, Marathon Man. MM loves to give oral and can spend hours doing it. He arrived later that evening and we caught up on each other’s latest adventures, then headed off to the candlelit bedroom. He undressed me and admired the new braille I was wearing. We lay on the bed and started kissing and making out. His ample cock was rock hard. Soon he had me out of my bra and panties and went to work licking my pussy. MM is very skilled at this, and it is wonderful to lay back and enjoy his talents. So I laid there and enjoyed his oral attention for quite some time. I started thinking about my cancelled plans with my Dom last week, the very hot events at Club FA last night and MM’s nice cock, and I just couldn’t wait any longer to get fucked. I told MM that I wanted him to fuck me while I used the Magic Wand on myself. Of course he was happy to oblige. I got up to get the Magic Wand from my bag, then I sucked MM’s cock to get him nice and hard. He donned the condom and slowly fed his hard cock into my wet pussy. God he felt good, and he felt that same about me. As he’s thrusting his cock in me I fired up the Magic Wand and applied it to my clit. We both came almost simultaneously, and crumbled in a heap on the bed. Another assignment successfully completed.

That puts me at 15 points for the year so far.


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