The Journey Begins

Part II


The week prior to our Halloween lunch date was filled with anticipation. Messaging back and forth we talked a bit more about our interests in the lifestyle. He indicated that he enjoys the control and mental aspects of domination as opposed to giving pain. He made it clear that He was open to being seduced during lunch, and proffered compliments and smooth talk to me as assurance of this.

Halloween morning came and I was nervous and excited about our meeting. He messaged me to confirm, and let me know that lunch will be nice, but that He was especially looking forward to dessert. He said that He had thought all weekend about my brief comments about wanting to explore a submissive role. That stopped me in my tracks. I thought “What? I don’t remember saying that!” I had to go back through our messages to see why He thought that. There was mention of Him dominating as well as other interests, and I had said that I wanted to experience that. Okay then, I was in for an unexpected experience. I was hesitant but intrigued at the same time.

I arrived at the restaurant a little early; He was a little late. We were seated in a booth. He spoke so quietly I had trouble hearing Him sometimes. His voice was hypnotic, bass toned. His eyes were captivating, searching, noticing. We made small talk, shared interests. Soon lunch was over. He looked at me and hesitantly asked me if I was ready for dessert, as if He thought I may decline. I told Him I was ready. He asked if a motel was okay; I said it was. We left the restaurant. He asked me where I was parked, said He would get his car and for me to follow Him.

Arriving at the motel He went in to book the room. When He returned I followed Him to the room. Extremely nervous, I was wishing that I had something a bit stronger than the water I drank during lunch. He put me at ease by tossing some humorous sarcasm about. In the room, we finally kissed. Gently, softly, sensually. I reached up and caressed His neck, His bearded cheeks. He remarked on how sensual I was. He began to undress me. The buttons on my lace shirt were small; He jokingly accused me of doing that on purpose. Removing my shirt He unhooked my bra and admired my breasts, fondling them and sucking on my nipples. Unzipping my pants, they fell to the ground as I stepped out of my sandals. Naked, I stood before Him. We continued to kiss. Then, He turned me around and clasped my arms behind my back, held me there as He undressed Himself with His free hand. Once undressed He directed me to the bed.

For over an hour we explored and pleasured each other. I easily surrendered to Him, letting Him take the lead. He loved how tight I was. He tested me, experimenting with how far I would let Him take me. He did things to me that afternoon in the motel room that I had never had done to me before, and I enjoyed very nuance. He loved how I tasted, sharing it with me by putting His fingers that had just been in my pussy into my mouth. I sucked them hungrily. I sucked His cock until He was close to climax but He had me stop; He wasn’t ready to be finished yet, He wanted more of me. He tried various maneuvers on me, asking me what I liked. There was very little that I didn’t like. Finally, He had me suck Him until He came in my mouth. I readily swallowed His cum. We lay together for a while, staring into each other’s eyes, before He got up to shower. He said that He had to go back to work, and He couldn’t go smelling like me. He showered and dressed, I cleaned myself up and got dressed. Kissing me before He opened the door, we left the room together.

Certainly a Halloween dessert to remember.


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