The Couple

Almost two weeks ago I had my first encounter with a married couple. It was an exciting experience, except for a bit of trauma for the husband. They have been anxious to get me back there to play with them again. We were all free tonight, so I headed up to their place for the evening.

Hardly inside the door the husband, M is all over me; kissing me, stroking my breasts and my ass. I set my things down and they rushed me off to the bedroom. M is anxious to get started. He undresses me as if he is unwrapping a present, excited by each new patch of skin. Sucking my nipple, he removes my pants and panties. He lays me on the bed, and he and S join me there with M in the middle. S and I both work on his cock while he moans with pleasure. Very soon M is ready to make up for lost time, so he rolls over and mounts me. Pounding me into the mattress, he is enjoying my tight pussy. So long he is pounding me that he works up a sweat, then he is moaning as he comes. He rolls off me and S helps dispose of the condom.

We lay there as they relate humorous stories about past encounters they have had. M has caught his second wind and is ready to take me again. This time I ride him until my knees can’t take any more, so he mounts me and pounds me into the mattress again. This guy is a stud! Pounding me until he works up another sweat and comes. Shortly, he is ready for yet a third go at me. The mattress takes another pounding, and finally M is spent.

S is a little miffed that she didn’t get much girl time in, but she agrees that this time was all about M to make up for last time. Both are quite pleased, and can’t wait to get me back in their bed again.

By my count, this puts me at 18.


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