The Brunchtime Fuck

J and I had fucked once before during a previous assignment from my Dom. We had tried to get together again, but with the Holidays our schedules just never sync’d. Until today, finally. I keep J on my booty call list because he’s got such a nice cock, and he’s a good fuck.

We arranged for him to come over this morning. He arrived promptly at 11. I was wearing the loungers that I had put on after my shower. No bra, left little to the imagination. He came in and led me off to my bedroom after some small talk. He quickly had me undressed and bent over, licking my pussy from behind. Before I knew it he had me on the bed and was naked himself. He continued to lick my pussy for a while until he just couldn’t stand it any longer and had to fuck me. He donned his condom and flipped me over to take me animal style. He thrust his hot hard cock in me and had me moaning with pleasure. God his cock felt good! He raves about how tight my pussy is; he loves it. He fucked me hard, thrusting deep. I was enjoying this intensely. He flipped me over again and fucked me until he came. Then he went down and licked me some more. I was getting close to coming but I wanted to cum hard, so I reached into the nightstand and pulled out the Magic Wand. J lay next to me masturbating himself while I masturbated myself with the Hitachi. Soon I was enjoying a nice long, body shaking orgasm. J really liked watching that and was ready for more. I sucked his cock for him until he was ready to cum again, when he took over and masturbated until he finished, shooting his wad on his stomach. We lay enjoying the after glow, talking small talk. Then he got up, cleaned himself up and got dressed. I got dressed and walked him to the door, thanking him and kissed him goodbye.


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