Several Firsts

Being a novice to the lifestyle I have little experience with group sex. My Dom has entertained Himself by providing me with multiple men when we are together, but I have never experienced a woman or a couple. I’ve never been the ‘girly girl’ type surrounded with girlfriends doing girly things and experimenting on each other. I’ve never even kissed a girl unless it was a relative. When I made the decision to enter the lifestyle I anticipated that I would play with couples; I have never fantasized about playing with a woman though. I’ll be at lifestyle events and see how the women look at each other and I realize it just isn’t there for me, no interest. I assumed I could just find couples that wanted me to pleasure the male, or merely have fun with the single males. Maestro had other ideas for me though.

We have discussed finding a couple to play with. He wants me to experience a woman pleasuring me, especially while He watches and she is available for Him to use as well. I have had couples approach me on the Lifestyles sites, but after vetting we decide we are not compatible. I keep looking though. Very recently a new couple approached me with interest, and I really liked them. We chatted quite a bit and found we had a lot in common, and they both really liked me. I informed Maestro that this was looking very promising. It was then that He told me that He wanted me to follow through with solo play with the couple. I expressed that I had hoped for Him to be the one to introduce me to this experience. He agreed that He would like that as well, but He wanted me to focus on the sensations, and that if He were with us that I would be too intent on Him to let myself go with them. Of course He is right.

On Thursday the couple and I agreed to meet Friday night at a local lifestyle event. That same Thursday afternoon I was finally going to be with my Dom after a agonizingly long break over the Holidays. While we were together, He gave me orders to accomplish while I was with the couple. He also laid out a extremely detailed yearlong Fuck Plan for me, but that’s another story. Concerning the couple the orders that I was given were: I was to do everything to the girl that she did to me, and whatever she did to her husband I was to do the same, only better. So much for avoiding girl play for me.

Friday night came and I went to the local event to meet the couple. M and S showed up and we hit it off immediately. M is a big, intimidating looking guy with a heart of gold. He gets quite animated when he’s exited, which is often. He is the perfect compliment to S, who is more subdued and knows right when to reign him in. They are two perfect peas in a pod, and they obviously adore each other. They are a very caring and loving couple, sensitive to others needs. M is the protector of all, and keeps a close watch over S to make sure no harm comes her way, without seeming as if he is hovering. They have been in and out of the lifestyle for a while, and knew some of the other couples at the event.

We talked between band performances, and went off to a quiet corner to talk some more. They had some of the funniest stories of past lifestyle experiences and told them in a way that kept me laughing, even though some of the situations were pretty unpleasant. They made the best of bad situations and had a fun time doing it. We really connected well. I liked them a lot, and they liked me too. When the night ended, we agreed that I would meet with them at their house the next day, Saturday.

Saturday afternoon came, and I was very nervous. There were so many aspects of this new situation that I was unsure how to approach. I am comfortable with going with the flow, but I wasn’t real sure where the flow was going. I am very respective that this is a married couple and I in no way wanted to make either of them feel that I might be a threat to that. I made my way to M and S’s house, about 45 minutes away, running possible scenarios through my head.

I arrived at their house and they invited me in. We sat in their living room and talked a bit, probably longer than was expected. After a while they admitted that they were a bit unsure how to start, that in the past their guest had taken the initiative. They were not pushy or aggressive by any means, and were more concerned that I was comfortable. M came over and sat next to me, started stroking my hair and my back. He commented on how soft my hair was. This helped me get more relax, and very soon we three were off to the bedroom.

S lay on the bed, still dressed while M started kissing me. He was quite sensual and gentle, and soon reached his hands up my back to unhook my bra. I slipped my shirt off and he marveled at my breasts that he had waited so anxiously to experience. He stroked them and sucked on them, then he helped me out of my pants and we sank to the bed kissing. He ran his hands over my body, stopping at my breasts to play with the nipples. He proceeded to move down my body to find my pussy wet and waiting for him, and he quickly went to action licking it. While he was thoroughly enjoying himself there, S undressed and lay next to me. She began gently fondling my breasts and sucking softly on my nipples. I was thoroughly enjoying the two of them working on me. I returned the affection to S, stroking her ample breasts and playing with her nipples.

And let me interject here; these two were constantly quipping at each other, tossing humorous sarcasm and bantering back and forth. I felt as if I should have paid admission for the entertainment value. Anyway, back to the scenario at hand.

M left the warm moisture of my cleft to let the girls play. I moved to S and sucked on her nipples, teasing them with the tip of my tongue. I asked her if was okay if I kissed her, and she said yes. I kissed a girl and I liked it! (I’ve been waiting SO long to be able to use that line.) Her lips were soft and warm; she was as sensual as her husband. They are such a good match!. I spent a little time kissing her and enjoying her breasts before she moved down between my legs and started licking me. What a sensation! She was soft and gentle there as well. I lay there enjoying this new experience for a while, then offered to return the favor. We switched positions and I settled between her legs to pleasure her. She moaned and squirmed as I licked her, running my tongue up and down her moist pussy, spending time tickling her clit. She continued to make sounds and motions of pleasure as I worked on her.

M complained that S was monopolizing me, so I went back to work on his cock. While I did that S grabbed the Magic Wand and finished herself off. About that time, M announced that he wanted to fuck me. Of course I obliged. They were comical while fitting him with the condom. Once it was properly donned he came over to mount me. Legs in the air and ready for him, he’s guiding himself in when suddenly he gets a very pained look on his face. He rolls off the bed and heads to the bathroom, stretching his arms over his head and whimpering. Poor guy had just re-injured a previous hernia surgery. I felt so bad! He was in such pain, but he was such a trooper. He came back to try again, but the pain was too much. I tried to finish him by sucking his cock, but the pain wouldn’t let him focus on the pleasure. So, the three of us lay on the bed and cuddled. Then M told S to be a good hostess and share the Magic Wand with me. S used the Wand on me for a bit, then I took it to pleasure myself. Pretty soon I was experiencing a body shaking orgasm, laying between the two of them. M gave the fuck one more attempt, getting himself primed by fucking S first, but by the time they get a condom on him he still couldn’t succeed. He kept saying that my tight pussy wasn’t letting him in, but he was still experiencing the pain from the hernia.

Poor M! We girls got off but he didn’t. He was a very good sport about it though. And, there will be other opportunities later. So, he got up and asked if they could take me to dinner; they have a favorite restaurant in a nearby mountain community that they wanted to take me to. We went to dinner, stopped to see the lake in the moonlight and returned to the house. We chatted for a while, until we were all yawning and I needed to leave. They wouldn’t let me leave until I promised to come back and play with them again. That was an easy promise to make.


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