Mission Accomplished

I’ve been a bad girl. He gave me an assignment; to fuck four men before I see him again on the 5th. I actually had only fucked two, one of them twice (had to go back for another one of the screaming orgasms he was so good at giving) but He was generous and let that count as three. Yet I’m still one shy of pleasing Him, and today is the 4th. I am scrambling through my FWB contacts to score a fuck quickly. Unfortunately, sometimes I don’t get to be picky, like now. To please Him, I have to take the good with the bad.

Enter G. A recent FWB gentleman. Polite, great conversation, very proud of his stamina and his 6 certifications on SLS, but not the greatest lover as far as I am concerned. But right now, I need to use him to complete my assignment. I don’t get to be picky. G is ready, willing and able and available now; he just happens to be passing through on his way home from the desert, and he wants me.

See, my problem with G is that he is an engineer, and the entire process of fucking is very clinical and regimented. His legendary stamina comes from using a cock ring. To avoid losing track of time and causing damage to his cock from blood loss, he sets a timer for 30 minutes. And he uses an egg timer. You know, the kind you would find in your grandmother’s kitchen. Also, probably because he fucks for so long and he doesn’t want breakage, the condoms that he uses are uber thick. Total lack of sensitivity.

My other problem is that I so desperately want to be with my Dom, I can hardly focus on pleasuring someone else. I actually made this work to my advantage today though. But I digress; He wants the details.

G arrives (with a dozen pink roses! Sweet!) and we sit to relax and chat a bit, but he soon wants to get started playing. I had just showered so I didn’t bother getting very dressed, simply loungewear, so G was enjoying the view. I lead G to my bedroom and as he steps in he tells me to get undressed while he fixes himself. He steps into the bathroom to do his thing. So, I take my time getting undressed, pull down the bed covers, arrange the pillows, stare out the window a bit, really dreading this fuck, really wanting to be with my Maestro. And it occurs to me that I will simply imagine that I am with my Dom here now, and make this enjoyable. And it worked brilliantly!

G finally comes out of the bathroom. He’s still partially dressed; socks, a T-shirt and jockeys. So sexy. I am already on the bed. He removes the jockeys and joins me, kissing me. I fantasize that I am with my Dom and respond to him. It’s hard though, G is nowhere near as sensual as my Dom. I’m making the best of it. After a few minutes of foreplay G is ready to fuck. He starts to mount me, then decides I should ride him; he wants to watch my tits. I climb on board and ride him, enjoying his hard cock inside of me. This makes it much easier to get through. I ride him for a while, until my knees can’t take any more, but before the timer goes off. He informs me that I felt so good that he had already ‘popped’. Of course he’s still hard, thanks to the cock ring. And that meant that I was saved the the effort of getting him off his favorite way – with a ‘BJ’.

And that was it. He went back into the bathroom to get undone. I got dressed, he got dressed, he said goodbye and left. He did say he wants to play again. Lucky me, something to look forward to.


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