Lucky Me

Yes, I am a smartass, and proud of it.

Monday started out as usual, casual conversation about the intense rain we were getting. He said He was going to try to set up some time for us to play this week, He was attempting to contact Massage boy to participate. My heartbeat quickened with the expectation of being with Him. Trying not to get my hopes up though, I have been disappointed by cancellations before that way.

Naturally the conversation turns to sex, as usual. The rain had canceled all my plans over the weekend, so I had not fucked. He was sympathetic. Horny as well, I guess, because suddenly He is making plans for us to meet this afternoon for a quickie. More talk of sex, I am getting wet just thinking about being with Him. He tells me to bring my toy; I immediately pack it.

Our conversation includes talk of my exploration of Dominance, upcoming plans that I have to fulfill this interest. He likes this idea, and tells me that next time there is a sub with us, I will Domme him.

At the motel I head up to the room. Opening the door He smiles and wraps me in His arms, kissing me passionately. This is what I have been needing so desperately. Setting my things down, He embraces me from behind, mandeling my breasts, stroking my waist and hips, burying His face in my hair. He gathers my hair in his fist and pulls my head back, giving Him access to my neck, which He not so gently bites. I respond with moans of pleasure, pressing my body against His. Dropping His pants, I reach for His cock, squeezing and massaging; He approves.

There is a knock at the door. Mmmm…more fun has arrived. Who will it be this time? He answers the door. It is His male sub slut, someone who has joined us before. This one is very good with oral on both of us, and loves fucking me. This is going to be fun. As the sub undresses He removes my shirt and bra, sucking my nipple and caressing my breast. Embracing me from behind again, He whispers in my ear to tell the sub to suck His cock. In a firm voice I tell the sub to suck His cock; the sub immediately complies. As he is sucking His cock, the sub starts to caress and fondle me also. He’s a good sub. More commands in my ear from Him, He wants me to grab the sub’s head by the hair and pump his head on His cock; I do this for Him. He tells me to push the sub’s head on His cock and hold it there; I do.

We move to the bed as a group. With the sub sucking His cock, He and I embrace tightly, entwining, entangling, caressing, stroking, kissing deeply. As the sub sucks he reaches for my pussy. I hear him moan with delight when he finds my pussy wet with desire for Him. I moan with pleasure. The sub alternates between He and I, sucking and licking, while we are deep in each other’s arms kissing passionately. He tells me to get my toy, the Magic Wand, so I get up and retrieve it from my bag. He wants the sub to use it on me while we kiss, so I turn it on and demonstrate to the sub how to use it. The sub uses it on me while he also fingers me, He and I kissing and caressing. Very soon I am cumming, hard. They both are enjoying watching this very much. Needless to say I am intensely enjoying experiencing this. The sub dives his face to my pussy, lapping up every bit he can get, stating that it’s so good after cumming.

He mounts me, thrusting His cock in me. The sub assists by using the toy on us while He is fucking me. He is cumming in me with a look of immense pleasure on His face. He climbs off and orders the sub to clean me up, which he gladly does. Now, He orders the sub to fuck me, but not to cum. The sub gladly complies, but isn’t real sure how long he can keep from cumming while deep in my tight pussy. He feels great inside me, thrusting deeply. I am moaning with pleasure, He is kissing me passionately. He tells the sub to pound his cock in  me; the sub does. He asks me if I want the sub to come in me; I tell Him yes, so He tells the sub to cum, which he does.

With the sub spent, He tells him to leave. He’s no good to us if he can’t fuck. The sub dresses; He thanks him as he leaves. Now it’s just the two of us again. I assume since this was to be a quickie that the fun is about over; I was wrong. He wants to try something new on me, something we talked about prior: hypnosis.

He easily brings me under hypnosis, I explained before that I am very susceptible to it. Now He really has some fun with me. He has me cumming on command several times, six, seven, eight – I lost count how many times. He fucks me two or three more times. He has me NEED to suck Him to His final climax, gratefully swallowing His seed. This experience was highly fulfilling for both of us. Mind blowing. He brings me out, telling me that I will feel great and be happy that we spent time together. That’s a given, I think to myself, no need to suggest that.

We lay together embraced, gently kissing for a while. Our time has come to an end again. As He gets up I tell Him how lucky I am; I had Him twice in one month. He calls me a smartass and checks the time. He comments that He had only planned on spending 45 minutes together, yet it somehow became an hour and a half. He heads to the shower and I get up to get cleaned up, brush my tangled hair and dress. Out of the shower and dressed, He’s watching me, making me self conscious. I apologize for taking so long, He’s still watching me. He comes to me and kisses me. When I’m finally dressed He kisses me again. I decide that I will wait out traffic and stay in the room a while to wind down. He kisses me a final time and leaves with a smile on His face.

I lay on the bed, listening to the rain and replaying the session with a smile on my face. This one was different, He wasn’t as Dominant as usual. This was gentler, more tender, much more passionate. I think this is my favorite session yet.

I think this is worth 2 fucks, which puts me a 20 for the year so far.


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