Comedy in the King Size Tempur-Pedic

It’s Wednesday night and the couple is anxious to play. They miss me, it’s been two weeks since they’ve had me. They are anticipating me fulfilling the request they presented last time I was with them; she wanted to know if I would be willing to fuck her with a strap-on.

I was definitely down for that. I didn’t hesitate to answer ‘yes.’ The visual instantly presented a sense of power in my head. Is this the Dominant side aching to come out? This opportunity would give me the reason I needed to take the plunge and purchase the strap-on harness and dildo I had already shopped for. The intent was for pegging, but this action would do just as well. I ordered the equipment and waited for it to arrive. That’s another story:

We tossed around the idea of going to a lifestyle club tonight, but she really wanted to try out the new toy. So I agreed to head to their house to play. I arrived late and they were already warming each other up. He answers the door naked and rushes me off to the bedroom. S is already naked on the bed. As M is fondling and undressing me from behind I take the toys out of my bag.

She starts explaining that M had put the mattress pad on the bed recently, which made maneuvering in it a bit challenging. That wanted it because it made the bed more comfortable to sleep in, but it also made it harder to get out of; you sink into the pad several inches. I discovered what she meant the instant I hit the mattress. This was going to make for some very interesting maneuvering this evening, especially with my already difficult limitations. As I tried to move on the bed with difficulty we both laughed at my struggles. She said she calls it the ‘turtle on its back’ move, and that is exactly what it felt like.

M nestled himself between us as we talked a bit, both of us girls sucking on his nipples like he enjoys so much. M suggests that his cock is lonely and needs a mouth or two on it, or at least mine; he really enjoys my oral skills. I struggle in the mattress to turn around to access his lonely cock and start sucking him. He is moaning in pleasure, thrusting into my mouth. I work up and down his cock, using my tongue on his head, stroking his balls and shaft. He is wild with pleasure and tells me to stop because he doesn’t want to cum yet, so I do.

I lay next to S, removing the harness from the bag. She is extracting the dildo from its tube. She’s impressed, she likes the feel of the dildo, and the strap-on harness. The strap-on is silky and sexy. M is between my legs licking the pussy he has been waiting so anxiously for, and it feels very good. I am having a difficult time talking to S about the toys between moans of pleasure. She likes the feel of the dildo, both the surface texture and the solidity. She is anxious for me to use it on her, so I attach the dildo to the harness. I reluctantly tell M he will need to remove himself from between my legs so that I can put the harness on.

This is where it starts getting very comical. Simply attempting to move around on their king size bed is eliciting giggles from us girls and M is trying not to laugh, but looses the battle. I get my legs through the straps of the harness, but when I try to get to my knees to pull it up it’s nearly impossible. The antics I have to go through to get there has us all laughing hard. And of course S is chiding M for putting the pad on the mattress, but it feels so good you can’t blame them. So we simply do our best. I finally get righted on my knees and cinch the harness on. Now we’re all giggling at me with a hard on wiggling around. I’m facing the wrong direction though so I need to turn around to face S. More comedic maneuvers on the Tempur-Pedic.

Finally facing the right direction, upright and ready I slowly ease the dildo into S’s waiting pussy. She enjoys this. It is a strange feeling, powerful, dominant, yet I want to be gentle and see her enjoy it. This is extremely difficult due to the mattress pad. Every time I try to thrust I lose my balance. I fall forward to brace myself on my hands, and my long hair falls all over her face. We are both laughing so hard, and she is choking on my hair. I manage to get back to my knees and ask M to bring me a hair clip. Once my hair is secured I continue to work on S. We are still giggling like school girls. She is enjoying this though, and I fuck her for a while until she decides she wants to use it to fuck me.

I lay back to remove the harness, handing it to S to don. M takes this opportunity to get some action for himself. He mounts me, fucking me hard while S steps into the harness. She’s smart, she got off of the bed to do this so she didn’t have to struggle. She waits while M pounds me into the mattress. He asks her if she’s ready and she says she is but he’s in the way. M rolls off of me and S takes his place. She is having the same difficulty approaching and getting into position that I had, and we are all laughing again. She finally gets settled in position and inserts the dildo into my pussy that her husband had just vacated. She concentrates very hard on what she is doing, taking in the experience. She fucks me for several minutes, until her legs are starting to cramp, so she rolls off of me.

M takes this opportunity to finish what he had started, so he quickly mounts me again and begins pounding me into the mattress. As he is making a dent in the mattress with me S’s phone rings. It’s her son, she must take the call. It’s something that she has to attend to, so she leaves to take the call. M keeps pounding and soon is cumming. He rolls off me to remove his condom and clean up. S lets him know that she needs his help finding something for her son, so this is where the evening fun ends.

This is worth 3 fucks, putting my count for the year at 26.


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