The Journey Begins


The Dom

One bright, beautiful morning in mid October I awoke from the near-decade long nightmare that had been life, and had an epiphany: I wanted to be a slut.

Well, not exactly, but that was more or less the concept. I knew I wanted sex, but I didn’t want to be tied down to a boyfriend (no pun intended). So I registered on some online dating sites, and very soon the perfect solution found me: a Dom.

I hadn’t realized that this was what I wanted/needed when I set out on this journey. Yet it quickly became very obvious that this was the perfect path for my metamorphosis. And I am still evolving.

My history did not involve any kinks or fetishes, I had led a very vanilla life. But I awoke on this October morn a changed person; I was not the same physically, mentally or psychologically that I had been when I entered this nightmare. As such, I needed to find a new direction for my life. I needed to discover new channels for excitement and fulfillment. I needed to explore my capabilities. This required digging deeper into my soul to release hidden interests, and being very open to opportunities.

I was familiar with the swinger lifestyle. I had previously lived near a very popular club and I had investigated the rumors to discover what it was about. I learned a lot about the lifestyle that way. I also discovered that a longtime friend was in the lifestyle. I was interested, but I was not in the right place to explore; I was still in the nightmare.

I set out on a path without really knowing where I was going, just the general direction. I registered on online sites such as OurTime, eHarmony and PlentyofFish. But I wasn’t getting the results that I was looking for; simple dating. I was getting lonely guys that wanted companionship, that’s not what I was willing to provide. So I decided to try the site that I had been disappointed in previously; OKCupid. BAM! I was immediately hit with tons of messages. This looked very promising.

One of the first messages in the plethora that I received piqued my interest significantly. He had an elegantly written profile, with very intriguing buzz words, and allusions to certain interests. I was immediately hooked. Even his first message was authored in a far more thoughtful way than any of the others. He stood out out from the crowd significantly, even though he wasn’t someone that I typically would be attracted to. He was obviously very intellectual, which intrigued me greatly. I tend to intimidate people with my intelligence; that wouldn’t be an issue here.

I responded to his message. We chatted a bit, and very quickly he suggested that we meet for lunch. I agreed. When the day arrived for our first date, he unfortunately had to ask for a raincheck. I was disappointed, needless to say. I was looking forward to talking to him in person. And, I had some very specific questions that I wanted to ask him. Now I had to wait for another week. He had rescheduled our lunch date for the day of Halloween. I had no idea then how appropriate this was.

I thought that I wouldn’t hear from him again until he confirmed the lunch date. I was wrong. He messaged me again the next day, apologizing for having to cancel, and struck up more conversation. We bantered back and forth a bit about spices and trouble, and then I took the plunge. I asked about clues in his profile insinuating that he was in the lifestyle. He said he was indeed, and had been for a very long time. And so it began…now our lunch date had taken on an entirely different aspect.

He asked me what my interests in the lifestyle were, and I explained that I had no experience there, but that I hoped that he might introduce me to it. He let me know that he Dominates, both men and women. Needless to say, the conversation quickly turned from spices to something far more spicy. We found that we had many similar intimate interests. Well, I had the interest, he had the experience. The ice had been broken, and we both were looking forward to something more than lunch. Halloween wouldn’t come soon enough.


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